Walking Alonside the ZayandeRud River: Kalle Bridge to BaghBahaduran

There are a lot of attractions in Isfahan’s country, specially in the bank of the Zayanderoud, the river which starts from Kouhrang in Chahrmahal to Gavkhouni marsh . In this journey, I want to introduce a 4-hours walking in the bank of Zayanderoud river from an ancient bridge to a recreational village.

Kalle Bridge (Pol Kalleh=Castle Bridge) is a 400-500 years old bridge which connect two villages located in the bank of the river.

Pol Kalle (Castle Bridge)After eating breakfast in the bank of river at 8:30, we start walking alongside the river at 9. This walking is suitable for the every one who can walk for four hours.

zayanderoud riverIn the bank of the river, there are man-made and natural sceneries like water falls, sycamore jungles and ancient villages. In the autumn, the warm colores of tree’s leaf  and walking on the sycamore leaf trees is very fantastic and memorable.

Zayanderud Zayanderud Bank of  Zayanderud

In the end, our walking trip ended with dinner in the bank of the Zayanderud river in Baghbahadoran town and we came back to Isfahan at 2 PM.


By: Seyed Mohammad Emami


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