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Allah-Verdi Khan with Orange Ghaba beside Shah Abbas the Great in the middle of the picture 2
There are several reason to travel to Isfahan. First of all, Isfahan has many monuments to visit and the variety of architecture and constructions as well as nature and handy crafts. The prices on accommodation and food are reasonable and more over, the Isfahanes hospitality¬†of people is well known between […]

Why Siosepol is Called 33 Bridges in Native Spoken Languages ...

Takht-e Fulad is the fifth most important ancient cemetery of the Islamic word. The first written source that mentions the site is an 11th-century historical book, which reports thst Takht-e fulad held grave of the Israeli prophet Yushea son of Noah. The cemetery passed into Muslim ownership in the 8th-9th […]

Takht-e Fulad